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Name: Madi
Pronoun: she/her
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Other characters: Milly, Baelheit, Tom Haverford, Knock Out

Name: Arcee
Aliases: N/A
Canon: beep boop
Role: Autobot
Species: Cybertronian
Gender: the rare lady robot
Age: idk several thousand

she stands about 8 feet tall in robot mode. she also makes a pretty sweet motorcycle

Origin story: THERE HAS BEEN A WAR ON CYBERTRON FOR-FUCKING-EVER (thousands upon thousands of years) and Arcee has been fighting in it for much of her life. She’s been an Autobot since the start, serving under Optimus Prime, and throughout the war she’s worked her way up the ranks. Arcee is old enough to remember Cybertron the way it had been before the war -- a bastion of civilization for Cybertronians, something worth fighting for -- until the war effort itself resulted in the total desolation of their planet.

Because the Autobots are a TEAM, Arcee has had a number of partners over the millennia. All of them she bonded with quite closely, but all of them are also now dead or missing (and presumed dead), either at the hands of Decepticons or her extremely gay archnemesis. The loss of her last partner is still relatively fresh, and Arcee’s still reeling from it, having closed herself off to the idea of having another partner for now. She hasn’t quite healed, and she’s afraid to bond with another person on that level again for fear of losing them.

These days Arcee is a pretty well-respected Autobot serving the cause. Until recently, she’d been serving directly under Optimus Prime in their efforts to stop Megatron. When Optimus revealed that he was leaving to face off against Unicron, in the hopes of stopping Megatron from ever utilizing the power of the Chaos-Bringer, he left Arcee in provisionary command of the Autobots until his (dubious) return. But now it’s been a while since the Autobots have heard from Optimus, and, not knowing his fate in the fight against Unicron, Arcee has traveled to Earth with Rodimus to investigate an Autobot distress signal that she hopes will turn out to be Optimus’s.
Personality: Arcee makes a pretty good leader and soldier both. She knows how to follow orders when she needs to, but she certainly questions them when she finds it appropriate to; she’s patient, collected and level-headed, and she has a sense of responsibility that she takes quite seriously, sometimes to the point of coming off a little stern. She can be kind of a hardass to her subordinates and teammates when she feels it’s necessary, because she believes it’s important for everyone to acknowledge the reality of the situation they’re in, but sometimes she can push a little too hard and go a little too far. Arcee can be PRETTY INTENSE (though not Prime levels of intense); she can get worked up over things when she doesn’t feel like everyone is taking things as seriously as they ought to be. She can be PRETTY BADASS AND FEARLESS, although she isn’t unshakable. For all her cool and calm demeanor, Arcee has her weak points. She believes in bending the rules when they need it, and sometimes her impulses get the better of her, especially when provoked by pride or anger. When she’s in a serious mood, she’s easily exasperated by immaturity -- even though she might participate in it from time to time. Arcee is darn good at Getting The Job Done, although she is not one to steadfastly stick to doing things by the book if she sees another way around. She’s pretty dang tough and isn’t afraid to throw her weight around.

That said, Arcee does know how to have a good time. She’s usually pretty good at showing restraint, but she understands the importance of a little R&R to the morale of her troops, and she enjoys blowing off steam just as much as the next bot. When it comes down to it, Arcee is actually pretty understanding and empathetic to her comrades, and she’s a good listener. She doesn’t always give the right advice, but her spark is in the right place; she generally takes a rationalizing approach to that sort of thing. She is also hella loyal to her comrades and those she cares about, especially those who have her respect.

Arcee is generally better at dealing with other people’s feelings than her own, though. The subsequent loss of multiple partners has made her cautious to let anyone in too close; even the Autobots she works with now she tends to keep at arm’s length to a degree. The loss of her most recent partner is fresh enough for her that she’s still coping with it, and she’s struggling with not closing herself off entirely. A big part of this is her being afraid to suffer through the loss of yet another partner, but it also has a lot to do with the fact that she feels like she needs to appear strong for the other Autobots, at least until Optimus resumes his position as leader.
Differences from canon: she is only like 8 feet tall in robot mode and also she is in charge of the Autobots now. she’s still got loads of dead partners though

Power level: A
Powers: TRANSFORMATION: Like most Cybertronians, Arcee possesses the ability to transform into a vehicle mode. Her vehicle mode is a sweet motorcycle.
ENERGON BLASTERS: Arcee’s arms transform into sweet guns that shoot out energon bursts.
MELEE COMBAT: In addition to having HELLA GUNS, Arcee is also pretty skilled at hand-to-hand combat. She’s pretty great at using her small frame to her advantage to get the drop on slower, heavier enemies.
STEALTH/INFILTRATION: Arcee has field experience in stealth ops, occasionally infiltrating Decepticon facilities or running supplies between groups of Autobots.
HOLOMATTER AVATAR: Arcee can project a holomatter avatar of a human being to get around human spaces more easily. It’s solid and can interact with the physical world around it, as well as provide Arcee with sensory feedback. Hurting the avatar doesn’t hurt her, but it can give her a nasty feedback headache.
Team affiliation: Autobots

First person sample: [ Message sent out on the Autobots comm link frequency. ]

This is a message for Optimus Prime from Arcee of Autobot Outpost Alpha. Optimus, I don’t know if this will reach you, but we’re headed for a small planet in this sector called Earth. It’s got indigenous organic life, it looks like, and from what our scans are telling us, a whole lot in the way of energon deposits. We tracked an Autobot distress signal to its location, so Rodimus and I are going to investigate. I know, I know -- I’m leading the Autobots now, I should’ve just sent someone else -- but I couldn’t take the risk if it turned out to be you. And if it’s not you...well, there’s plenty of energon, and every spark out there fighting for our cause counts.

I just hope you’re still out there, Optimus. We’re coming for you.

Prose sample: Optimus leaves Arcee in command of Team Prime.


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